Mark Archer

DJ - Producer - Acid House Veteran

Producing music and releasing records since 1988, Mark Archer is a true acid house hero. The driving force behind early rave pioneers Altern 8 and techno legends Nexus 21, he co-founded Dansa Records in 1993 and has produced under a dazzling array of pseudonyms including Trackman, DJ Nex, Xen Mantra, and many more.

The full story can be found in his book, 'The Man Behind The Mask', co-written with Andrew Woods and featuring contributions from Moby, 808 State, LFO, Bizarre Inc, Utah Saints, Mark Goodier and more. Buy the book.


Fri 29-09-2017Tyree - Hare and Hounds (UK)
Fri 06-10-2017Hidden - Manchester A8 (UK)
Fri 13-10-2017Amsterbang - Bangface (NL)

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Selected Discography

The Smiley People
"It Makes Me Haaappy" (1988)

Nexus 21
"(Still) Life Keeps Moving" (1989)

C&M Connection

Altern 8
"Activ8 (Come With Me)" (1990)

Slo Moshun
"Bells Of N.Y."

Xen Mantra
"Primecuts Vol.1"

Ed Chunk Rodriguez
"More Love EP"


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Selected Discography

The Smiley People

"It Makes Me Haaappy" Blue Chip Records (1988)

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Nexus 21

"(Still) Life Keeps Moving" Network Records (1989)

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C&M Connection

"Bio-Rhythms" KMS Records (1990)

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